Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Nothing excited happened over here, the weather has been bad for the last few days; it was cold, tons of rain and high wind, there is only so much we can do, dog wise!
Friday was Colin's birthday, we went to a local restaurant to have a meal and we were surprised it was their Elvis night, so Colin has free entertainment for his birthday. Well, the Elvis impersonator was a bit disappointed, won't go into details.
Elvis singing The Wonder of You

Saturday, we had a small do for Colin, just invited a few close friends for an evening drink. I've ordered a special cake for him online to be collected on Saturday around noon time from Kingston Upon Thames. God knows the traffic on Saturday in Kingston is a nightmare and with the rain and wind ... we can't even find the cake shop! Our stupid Tom Tom took us to the other side of the river and we have asked a few people but they have never heard of the cake shop! Ah? We even rang the cake shop to ask where are they and the shop assistant wasn't helpful at all, she cannot explain where they located! Arrrggghhh ... Anyway, we drove back to the busy side of the river and Colin has to jump out from the car while I stuck in the traffic to look for the cake shop. According to him, he has to walk miles to find the shop and I managed to pull over to a public car park. Well, at the end, I don't know where he was and he don't know where I was; we were on the mobile phones telling each other what shops we saw and we still unable to find each other!! How stressful!! Colin has better road sense than me, so he found me at the end!

Because Colin was running around to find me in the rain and wind, the "negative calories" cake got slightly damaged when he got into the car but it still very tasty!

this is Colin's negative calories yummy cake!

Luckily, we have someone to look forward to to distress the cake pick up journey! We pop in to Sunbury to see Skye. Jolanda has taken her to Hannah's Co-Balance workshop. We meant to get there before she started her workshop but with the traffic and lost in Kingston, we didn't get to Sunbury until 3:30pm. I wasn't sure if I should go to distract her but I just can't help myself. I was dying to see her. Jolanda takes such a good care of her, she looks happy and content. After she spotted me, she just went crazy on me! We had a little play everytime she was in the queue but I was glad to see her work, she has no fear on any of the wobble boards, she even did sit, down on the wobble board. What a clever little girl. I think the best thing was Jolanda was able to get her back to work straightaway from my distraction. For a 14 weeks old puppy, that is awesome! Jolanda must have been working really hard on that. Well done you two!

We couldn't stay til the end because we need to go back to our guests at home but I was so happy I've got to see my baby.

On Sunday, we went to Kerena. We have arranged for Sara to treat Sing and Rupert (Kerena's dog with hip problem) at Kerena's house. Sing got treated first and he was very good with Sara. He was calm and let Sara worked on him. With Sing, we know the injury has been built up over the years of playing ball (jumping in the air catching the tennis ball), his shoulder injury is secondary but the main problem is the back. You know what I am going to say ... NO ball in the air for him! I have to teach him to fetch a rolling ball!! This is going to be hard!

Sing is very tired yesterday, luckily the weather was rotten so I cannot take the dogs out, that give him a good time to rest and recover. He is still looking a bit tired this morning but I am sure he is alright.

this is what he does all day yesteday


Ricky the Sheltie said...

What an ordeal - fighting traffic and weather and bad directions! Glad you were able to prevail and pick up that yummy looking cake!

Hopefully the treatments will help Sing!

Diana said...

We have been having bad weather too , but not as bad as you all are having. No outside play for us.
The cake looks great. I hope is was worth the trip.


Vonnie said...

OMG what a lovely Saturday out! At least the cake made up for it! Hope Sing is recovering well! Nice that you saw Skye.uhu! LOL!

Jolanda said...

That cake looks very yummy! Good thing I didn't know you had it in your car! Haha ;-)

It was great to see you both again. Skye sure loved it too!! She worked so well Saturday. I am so proud of her!

Skye hopes her daddy soon feels better.

Josh and Jess said...

Sing sure looks very comfortable on the settee :)

Sara said...

Boy, what a cake story! It is a beautiful cake. Hope Colin enjoyed it!

I worry about the damage Oreo is doing to his body, twisting, jumping, & turning when he goes for his ball. He loves it so much, but maybe I should roll it more to prevent any damage, like Sing.