Monday, November 22, 2010

Brrrrr ...

It is so cold today, barely above 10c! The heating is on full at the moment, unfortunately my "doggie" car's heating just went today! Why? Why everything has to break down when you needed it most? So, we drove back in the freezing cold car to and fro training, brrrrrr ...

Sipzie is definitely back to her old self now because she is getting so excited ... we managed to fence half of the garden off yesterday, at least to make it poo free so I can train Sipzie whenever we are up for it. We have not done much of weave pole at training, we did some very basic channel weaves and it is still open fairly wide. I know I always say I am rushing it but I think I am getting a bit impatient with just Channel. I have done some V weaves with her but because of her after season blue and the wet weather we had recently, we haven't done nothing for 6 weeks.

It is good Colin was around to film us so I can see what need improvement, I think our startline wait/stay definitely needs strengthen. Also, Sipzie is very different to the boys, she get so hype up and excited, so I need to be calmed with her to get her focus and concentrate. I am so used to motivate/encourage the boys so I need to control myself to start with. I need to do some "control" management :-)

Also, it is interesting to see how Sipzie kept missing her A Frame contact. I have raised the A Frame in the garden yesterday but she has done the full height A Frame at training for nearly two months but she has not miss a single one eventhough she only have 1.5 stride down sometimes! She has done that quite a lot and everyone just ohhhhhhhh ... at her!

here is a little video of her weaving and A Frame, please turn your volume down as Skye is barking annoyingly at the background :-)

 teaching "hold"

Oh, puppy is so cute! She begins to take notice of me, she wanted to play and she wanted to jump on my lap and the 2nd similarity to Sing ... she loves to lick you ... to death! She is a gentle licker like Sing but not give up until she gets tired, that is just like Sing! One good thing, the puppy breath is not bad, so I quite enjoy her lick.

 every morning when I wake up, she gets to join the gang (please ignore my un-comb hair!) and she loves being in the pack!

I have done some clicker training with her last week, today, after I came back from training Sipzie, she screamed to come out of her pen, so we had a good play, basically she is mad, she ran like a lunatic and tried to tug everything, very cute indeed! Then, I had my clicker out, this is her 3rd time interacting with clicker and I think she is brilliant. I can see her offering me some behaviours already, such a clever little puppy. And, her balance on the wobble cushion isn't bad either :-)

 little Swing pup and her clicker:


Coco said...

I love Sipzies weaving training. Coco learned to weave quite quickly and she enjoyed it. Cocos agility club is only for fun agility so they don't have your type of weave poles.
We loved your morning pack photo, puppy looked very cute with the pack. I can see she is going to be very clever.

Noah said...

Love the "hold" picture!

Vonnie said...

Love the pics & vid of the pup, clever girlie! WTG Sipzie! Love how the other dogs are all looking through! LOL!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sipzie is so excited and eager to work and loves agility! That is so cool to see! Swing is cute and very smart with her clicker training - you are doing wonderful things with her. The first photo is my favorite but I did like the morning pack photos too!

Priscilla said...

Swing is fast learner, she can do 'hold' now. Our Eva is still learning it, LOL!!!