Monday, November 08, 2010

Merry Monday ... Sipzie

I woke up this morning to a miserable Monday, it was WET, RAINY and HOWLING WIND!!! The weather forecast said we will have 50mph wind, I thought HELL, how am I going to go training. Sipzie and I are very much behind at training (we are in Class 8 today and we have only attended 4 classes in the past due to her season) and I do not want to miss anymore. By the time we left the house, it wasn't too bad so I decided to go with her only and left the others at home for a quiet day.

I am so glad I went, my miserable Monday turned out to be a Merry Monday! Sipzie worked extremely well today, not just that, but she is happy. She got so excited from time to time and she barked! I have been missing this spark in her since her season. We did some very basic sequence to start with, 3 jumps into the pipe tunnel then back down another 3 jumps. Sipzie was so happy, she was focused and fast. And the best thing was she played, really play! I have been trying so hard to get her back into tugging after her season and to not much success. I am not sure whether Miguel's visit has help? Maybe I should invite Miguel to come and stay with us everytime Sipzie is in season!

here comes the girls! Skye, Sipzie and Samber!! These girls can't be a show dog, look at their tails! Flying high!!

Oh, my garden, front and back looks very Autumn now! I spent half of my Sunday raking the leaves and see what happened overnight? I was too tired to do a bit of training after wrecking the leaves and thought I will train today, no such luck!!

We have Vindi, our cat from hell spayed last Tuesday. As you all know, we need to keep her confined. Oh, what a nightmare to confine a cat, especially one from hell. I kept her in one of the dog crates then attach another to one of the door for her toilet. It worked well for the first three days. Then, I have to migrate the pup and her mama to the lounge, so I need to move the cat out from the lounge and back to her own area. We have this work top in the utility room where Tikka used to sleep and Vindi quite like it too. Unfortunately, the worktop isn't big enough to put two crates so we have to used the toilet crate attach to the cat box (like a flight box). After two nights, the cat managed to escape a few times and today while I was playing with the dogs in the garden, she escaped again! She was supposed to allow free tomorrow but I don't think so now as her wound isn't looking good after she tried to join us in the play and climb the willow tree again then jump on the fence ... 

 did you see the cat from hell always disturb Sipzie while we do some training? Luckily Sipzie is a strong dog and couldn't care less about her!


Diana said...

LOL, I need that cat to provide some distraction training for me. LOL , way to funny. Great shots. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad training with Sipzie went well! Our backyard is covered in leaves too - each time we rake there are more!

Very cute and funny photos with the cat from hell - LOL!

Noah said...

Beautiful pictures! You have amazing ones, love the header picture.

Rhoda said...

Amazing photo of Sipzie and Vindi - wow she looks like a ninja cat!! Clever Sipzie for doing so well with her training :)

Priscilla said...

So glad Sipzie is a playful but focus and ambitious girl again.

Yay, you got your Sipzie back!!!

Vonnie said...

OMG what a cat! Well done Sipzie, knew she would be her old self soon!
I love the tail fan, it's gorgeous K does a lovely one!