Tuesday, November 16, 2010

frosty walk

We woke up to -2c this morning. Brrrr ... the Common looked so beautiful, all covered in heavy frost. The only thing I dislike at this time of the year is you have to defrost the car every morning before you can drive it. We didn't go out to the Common until 10:30am because I had an appointment with the dentist, I have badly infected gum for weeks, it turned out to be the root of one of my tooth is badly infected and the only way to stop this infection keeps coming back is to remove it! I hate thinking about this but it has to be done ... FRIDAY :-(

By the time we got out, most part of the Common already melted but there are still areas that covered in frost! My fantastic four are looking clean at this stage!

 can't resist to post this photo of my handsome boy :-)

 what makes a happy sheltie? For Sing is his tennis ball :-)
 I was shocked after uploading all the photos onto my computer to find how Sing stretch himself out to fetch his ball. He is the most beautiful jumper!

 Love this photo!

Sipzie is a funny girl, sometimes I think she is a bit clumsy but not, she always does things in speed, so she ended up like this.

another funny action from Sipzie

 Sipzie is definitely back to her old self after season. We had a good training lesson on Monday. She did all the sequences perfectly, with enthusiastic!

 Sizzle isn't very happy lately, I guess he is very jealous about the puppy. He does not like the puppy to come to me or near me, he shows his teeth and growl at her, poor little Swing!

 and the is also about Saturn :-)

 my garden this morning, in a mist


Diana said...

LOL, I just love the picture of Sing showing his teeth with the ball. Great shot!! Diana

Vonnie said...

Great pics! The dogs are having a "ball" The one with Sing telling Sipizie off with the ball in his mouth! LOL! Yes, the frost is nice but not nice too!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Love your actions shots and the photo of the fantastic four!!

Sorry about your tooth - mom HATES the dentist. Hope you do ok on Friday!

Sara said...

Great photos of some of my favorite shelties having fun!

Looks cold!Maybe that means snow soon?

Priscilla said...

Always enjoy the pictures of your gorgeous dogs!

Hope the dental thing goes well!