Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SNOW, puppy lead train and tricky T-Day!

I am soooooooo happy that we finally got some snow! Yipeeeeeee
Eventhough it is not too heavy and I am not sure if they are going lay on the ground for a day? At least it made me very happy for a little while.
 like me, Sing loves snow! You can see how happy he is! He did his FLAP in the snow too!

 like her daddy, Silky is crying to go out to play in the snow!

Sipzie and Vindi playing in the snow

 Vindi's first snow and she is crazy to see the white stuff, she tried to catch them, so cute!

this is Sing, Sizzle, Sipzie, Vindi and Saturn playing in the snow this morning:

There has been a lot going on today, can you imagine I've got so many things done? I managed to start lead training with Silk this morning, we spent 10 minutes to get her to get used to a lead attach to her! I am sure you all remember how hard to lead train a puppy. They surely don't like anything hanging on their neck!
 Silk: I want to chew this lead off me!
 Silk: NO, you are not getting me moving!
 Silk: mama, HELP ME!
SILK: oh well, is not bad after all, I can play tug, can't I?

And finally, tricky T-Day this week ...
Walking HAND in HAND with Saturn.
I wanted to teach him to limp eventually but I think the first step is this:


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Wonderful post! That puppy is so cute! And snow is so fun!

Diana said...

Wow, you have been busy! Love the snow video, looks like so much fun! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Great trick! Saturn will be limping in no time - at the end of the video, you take your hand away but he is still holding his paw up! Smart boy!

Snow - Yipee!!!

Priscilla said...

Snow is coming at last! The doggies were having so much fun in the snow. The video is so funny, I like to see how Sipzie likes to play with Vindi.
Silk pup is really cute! Mind you, she's a beauty!!!I remember the first time I put a lead on Eva and it was a good laugh for us!
You're so clever, Lian!

Vonnie said...

I'm so happy your happy I sent it down to you! Lovely the photos sizzle and Vindi LOL! The video Sipzie & Vindi LOL! Silk no likey LOL!