Friday, November 12, 2010

F.R.A.P Friday

Oh dear! I had a frenetic morning with the shelties!

After dropping Colin at the tube station, I came home to cook scrambled egg for "Swing" the pup. While the microwave still going, I picked her up and let her watch the microwave, she went all crazy, I don't know if the light or sound from the microwave upset her or what but then later I realised is the smell of the scrambled egg that got her so excited! I noticed her lower canines are growing yesterday and today I can feel the upper canines too! This means, Skye will soon reject her from suckling on her nipples.

After her scrambled egg, she decided to have a FRAP (frenetic random activity period) moment! OMG! She is crazy and all the shelties tried to avoid her, it was funny to watch. I cannot imagine a puppy this young will have a FRAP moment and of course she fell down a lot and bang into something all the time! Poor puppy!!

 I am so lucky that Skye is such a tolerate mama who accepts anything this crazy little puppy does to her!

A few hours later, her daddy Sing has a FRAP moment too! It was unexpected, oh well, I don't think we can expect a FRAP moment anyway! He then set the others on FRAP moments too! He did a few crazy laps, jump on/off the chairs, rush through the doors, into the full length of the garden then back in again ... must be about 5 minutes? Then, the crazy button hit on Saturn and Sipzie; they did the same plus they used me as a target! I got "hit" many times by these two crazy shelties running around like lunatic!

 sorry, no photos of Sing taking his laps but here are some blurry photos of Saturn and Sipzie. I don't think I can take good pictures while these shelties are crazily dashing about ...
Saturn had enough but Sipzie is not!
here she goes again ... onto Sizzle!

 even Sizzle is given up and she still going ... ON ME!

at last, all quiet down and Saturn sinks into frustration and starting to pull the hair out of his favourite toy!
 Saturn: Was it me that pull all the hair out?

 Thank God the crazy one finally settle down! Phew!


Diana said...

My shelties have those crazy moments too. When Guiness gets crazy, Miley hides behind the chair until he is done. LOL To bad you didnt get Swing on video. That would have been cute. Diana

Christine said...

Thanks for the chuckle :-)

Vonnie said...

Love it when they go crazy! Mt two do that too :)

The 3rd pic down with saturn with the toy is priceless!

Good to hear Skye is a good mum and that the wee one is thriving.

Sara said...

LOL. Great photos. I hope everyone took a nap at the same time later.

Coco said...

Woof. Looking at those photo's made me feel tired, all that FRAP. It made my mummy and daddy laugh though.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

LOL! I have lots of those FRAP moments myself!! Love the photo of Sipzie coming straight at you with her nose! Too cute!