Thursday, November 18, 2010

pupdate with videos!

We were lucky to have two dry days this week to take the puppy out. I normally let the pups see the "outside" world when they are about 3 weeks but the weather has been miserable for the last couple of weeks, cold, windy and wet, not a good time to take the pup out when they are still tiny.

Swing pup has her first day out on Tuesday morning for 5 minutes. She was very excited about it. You cannot believe that I have to chase after her. She ran here and there and sniff everything on the patio! Then, later, I took her out for another 5 minutes again in the afternoon where the sun came out for a little while.

I forgot to take some videos of the pup, when you have only one pup, you are always so busy interacting with her and I totally forgot all about videoing. I managed to take two videos, one from yesterday and one today!

 This is a funny video, little Swing pup likes her cot musical mobile. Everytime I wind the musical up, she always look up and wanted to reach out for it, so I got the habit of picking her up to let her watch the toys rotate. She always amused by it. As a very young pup, she already try to turn her head, following the toys going around and also try to catch the toy ...
and this one of her playing with the little fluffy tail:

and here are some photos:
hello mama, this is fun!

 did I smell something?

 uncle Saturn, did you just cocked your leg there?

 mmm ... did you wash that with Comfort, mummy?


 is that edible?

 Vindi helps watching the pup

 such lovely day, I am happy to pose for some photos :-)

 indoor is not bad too, I can play bow.

 watch out! Pup about!

 I like that toy, its something new!

 bye ...... I am taking it to bed with me


Ricky the Sheltie said...

The videos of Swing were so cute - I love how she is fascinated with the mobile and she is adorable playing with the fluffy tail! What a cute, cute pup!

Noah said...

Love the second video, so adorable. Great pictures too.

Sara said...

Oh Lian, she is so sweet. I love how the rest of the gang comes by to check in on the action.

Diana said...

What a cute puppy. Love the video of Swing playing with the toy! Sooo cute. Diana

Priscilla said...

Swing is so cute and the pictures are so sweet. Love all of them and the Peekaboo too! The fist video is so funny, I like to see others coming over to have a look and see the fun of their mum and the little pup were having.

What a good mama you are, Lian! Cot musical mobile!!! You're so creative!!!

Vonnie said...

Love how the pup is using her paws already, brilliant! Great pics and videos! I could watch her all day :)