Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday - its boys' training day

WOW, we had another great training lesson today! Saturn is on fire again! His contacts are good (fast, no hesitation and perform perfect 2o/2o), he is very responsive, I don't think we can do any better than that. He also amazed me with some tight turns. We learned a lot of handling skills today, Saturn work like a dream! How I wish he runs in the competition like at training! He was very happy, I think that is the key to success!

Sizzle was a good boy too. His running DW is getting better and stronger again. I hope it stays that way for Crufts! Unfortunately, our connection today is not as good as me and Saturn. Saturn understands me so well and he sometimes save me from my silly handling mistake. Sizzle is only a baby and there are a lot of things we need to learn together. Having said that, he was good if I am right! I just need to get the timing right and the body signal right!

Pup is doing well, I keep changing her name ... Sweet-pea? Sweetie? Swing? I'd like to call her Singirl (sounds like Singleton) but Colin said he doesn't like it! He complained he cannot pronounce Sing-girl. Mmmmm ... MAN! I like "Swing". I think "Satin" would be perfect for her as her registered name is Licosateria Rose de Mai ( there is a perfume called Satin Rose de Mai) but it is too close to Saturn! Any "S" names anyone? 

She weight more than a kilogram now, real chubby little girlie. She has moved around the house a lot when she is awake to explore every corner. She still wanted to play with the others but no one wants to play with her, they all ran away when she goes near them! Odd! Silly shelties!!

I spent all Tuesday getting her to pee on the newspaper when she awakes and guess what? Yesterday and today, she woke up and walk straight onto the newspaper and pee there! WooHoo! With this rain and howling wind, I don't think I can get her out to the garden much! Autumn/Winter is bad time to have puppies!
I have taken her out for a car ride this morning when I drop Colin off at the tube station, I thought she better get used to the car journey and she was as good as gold. She crawl around to explore the back seat of the car while the car is moving and she doesn't look like she is car sick or anything. By the time we turn back after dropping Colin, she was well asleep :) I want to be a puppy so I can sleep most of the time!!


Diana said...

I like "Swing" thats cute. Diana

Vonnie said...

Clever boys :) & handler!
Is that Sizzle or Ellie in that pic LOL!
Gorgeous and clever puppy girl! (you could call her that LOL!)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I think Swing is cute too! Good job Saturn and Sizzle! It's great that Saturn is so fast once again!

Priscilla said...

'Swing' is a good name. What a smartie she is that she knows where to go for her toilet now.

Glad that Saturn is happy and on fire again. Clever Sizzle and dont' forget there is a lovely and dedicated mommy too !!!

Sara said...

I'm so happy to hear about Saturn! I just love that boy :)

Swing is a very cute name. I like it!