Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tiring Tuesday

I haven't been myself for the last four weeks. I was so worried about Skye giving birth so I didn't slept well the week before she whelped; then of course when she had the pups, I didn't sleep for the first two nights, I just wanted to make sure little Silk pup is suckling and mama Skye is not rejecting her ... then it carried on for a bit. I was sleeping on the floor next to her whelping box didn't help! I was definitely LACK OF SLEEP! Last week, I somehow twisted my left shoulder when I woke up one morning, it really hurt, I needed strong pain killer to be able to carry on my daily routine. I am not allow ill when I have a pup! It didn't get better, I then twisted my left side of the neck the next morning when I woke up. That was definitely killing. I can't turned my head to the right! I needed to drive Colin to the station every morning and fetch him in the evening.Whenever I tried to pull out from a junction, it took me ages to make sure no cars coming from the right before emerging into the road and you guess it, all these impatient drivers beep their horns at me like I am a fail driver!!! Arrrggghhh ... then just on the weekend, I twisted my right shoulder!!! So, basically I am disabled at the moment. I am on Nurofen/Ibuprofen full time!! I am mentally and physically very tired! Today, I went out three hours with the dogs to search for Max. My friend that lives around the corner actually saw him wander along the street where they live but we didn't know he was lost as there are some stupid owners that live in our area let their dogs out to wander around the streets and we thought he was one of them! Poor Max has been clipped by a car and is limping quite badly, we need to get him back asap. Now, I am really tired!

Little Silk pup is a lonely puppy, none of the dogs wanted to play with her! When I had Zap, Sizzle and Samber were quite happy to play with him but not this time with this little girl. She is getting very active. She played with her toys a lot today. At one point, she was running away with the tuggy ring, ah ... so cute!

aunty Sipzie, can you please play with me? 
 oh! I am so frustrated, No one want to play with me!!!

 she definitely likes the sound effect, this is what she does most of the time, listen to the laptop.

 mama, no one wants to play with me, can you play with me?

 Good Night folks zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Vonnie said...

Awww bless her! She is gorgeous.
Hope they find tour friends dog.

Diana said...

Aww poor puppy. That makes me sad. I hope you get better soon and that you find your friends dog. Things have got to get better soon. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry to hear you are hurting all over, Lian! Hope you feel better soon and get some real sleep too!

Silk is so cute - if I lived closer, I would come over and play with her so she wouldn't be lonely.

Priscilla said...

Lian, she's so beautiful!!
I can't take my eyes off her!!!!

And she's exactly like Eva. Nobody wanted to play with her :( Nevermind, you see, they turn out into little Miss Bossyboots!!!

Coco Sheltie said...

Aaaah. So cute. I wish I could have a little brother or sister to play with.

Noah said...

Those are beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them.