Friday, November 26, 2010

Silky pupdate with pictures and videos

Silk pup is nearly 6 weeks now. Yes, I know ... I keep changing her name, hopefully this is the last time! I didn't get many photos taken as I normally do because everytime she wakes up, she is very active; she runs here and there. I need to watch her just in case she got stuck in the puppy gate which she did at one time, that gave me a good fright! Luckily Colin was there when it happened, he is a very calm person and guess what he did to rescue her? Just open the gate and she is free while I was thinking how careful should I get her stuck head out!

With an active puppy, you can hardly take a good/reasonable picture. She moves so quick too! And, when she sees me, she likes to attack me! LOL

We are quite lucky with the weather, no rain and no snow either! She gets to go out in the garden for 5-10 minutes. I have also taken her out. We live by the main road, so by standing in the front garden, she gets to see the traffic going pass. I think she quite enjoy her outing as she turns her head with the traffic going pass and show no sign of stress or being nervous. We have some big lorries and ambulance passing by most of the times ...

 Silk 5.5 weeks

 mother and daughter watching the cat!

 Another reason that I haven't take too many pictures was because I kept carrying her off the see-saw. At one point, she was UP half way and I was busy picking up the dog mess. That gave me heart attack and I rushed to get her off, all the other dogs think I turned into a nutter!

 this picture prove she is well toilet train!! LOL
She has been a very good girl, I don't expect her to pee/poo on the newspaper everytime but she is very good girl, she always go on the newspaper, unless she is far away from the newspaper and she can't get there quick enough as I have caught her a couple of times, she suddenly ran from the kitchen back to her pen, but before she got to her newspaper (only an inch away!), she poo! Ah Bless! Such a sweet puppy!

 And Silk puppy loves her musical cot mobile, she goes crazy whenever she hears the tune! I thought it is a lullaby, should makes the babies/puppies sleepy but each time she hears it, she jumps up and wanted to catch the little toys. This started when she was only a tiny pup and it carries on ... I thought I asked Colin to video it, please ignore our silly conversation, just watched the pup, she is more interesting LOL


Rosie said...

Oh god! She is adorable!!!!! Sooooo beautiful too and such a sweetie :)))

Priscilla said...

Silky puppy is growing bigger and stronger each day, she's really cutie pie! The video gave us a very happy evening too, thanks!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Extremely cute!!! Silk recognizes the winding sound and already is running to the mobile before the music even starts! What a perfect toy for her!

Diana said...

She is really growing up to be a beautful girl. Diana

Coco said...

Love the pictures & video, she's so lively & clever. Of course pretty too.
Love Coco

Rosie Ison said...

I really liked the name Swing better, but silk is sweet :-)

Vonnie said...

She is hilarious full of character!