Sunday, November 07, 2010

pup THREE weeks old

Licosateria Rose de Mai

Where did all the times gone? I cannot believe little Silk pup is three weeks old today! She has become more mobile and quite active when awake this week. Just two days ago, she grrrrr ... at me, how cute; then she said her first word: WOOF! That is good enough to melt my heart :-). I got Colin to interact with her more this weekend while he is off work, all the little Silk pup does is grrrr ... at him. Colin is complaining the puppy doesn't like him :-( I think she is too cute for word!
this is little Silk puppy's first word: WOOF!

I also move her around in the house a bit more, so she can get used to all surface. Her hind legs aren't strong enough for the slippery tile flooring in the kitchen. She loves the new exploring area but every now and then she just slide ...

exploring the new surface

 trying the short hair carpet

 and she loves the soft and gentle uncle Saturn ...

I have moved her and her mama Skye into the lounge this weekend, she is now explore to more noises and lights from the garden. Every morning, when I pull open the curtain, she quickly awake to find the light and the noise. She is just too cute or am I being old to enjoy such a young life?

 she is exploring the things in the lounge
  I think she like the grid on the carpet because she always "run" instead of walk!

 she had her solid meal today, scrambled egg + cottage cheese. Yumm!

Colin wanted the Christmas Tree up this weekend, I know is early but I think sometimes you just have to do it the man's way :) While having the Christmas Tree and decorations out, I thought we must well take some Christmas puppy pictures ...

Little Silk puppy definitely enjoy playing with the tinsel and the balls, she tried to chew the tinsel eventhough she hasn't got any teeth yet and roll in them, ah ... too cute! Also, she will hit the balls ... when the balls roll away, she will try to chase it, ah ... and you know what? I missed a lot of good photos because I was sitting there "ahhhh ..." instead of clicking my camera!!!



Diana said...

The puppy is way to cute. Sounds like the fun time is starting. Diana

Vonnie said...

I could just sit and watch her too! The pic with mum Skye is so heart touching!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Silk is so adorable! Seriously cute!

Priscilla said...

So cute! Precious pictures of Silk!