Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Shelties on holiday ... into the beautiful Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I just loved the beautiful scenes of falling leaves but not in my garden though! Well, unless I have a separate garden for the dogs to go toilet and agility, I don't mind but I cannot cope with ONE messy garden! I tried to clear the leaves every other day so I can do a little training with Sipzie but with the rain and puppy, I've gave up! I cannot possibly imagine I slip and fell on top of dog mess, yuk!

sorry, the shelties look a bit grumpy because they are fed-up of me taking hundred of photos of them sitting there!! All they want is to chase tennis ball, ducks in the pond, squirrels on the tree and rabbits in the bushes!!! That's more fun than stupid mummy try to make them sit stay :((

this is what Sing likes the best ... TENNIS BALL, all the time!!

Golden Seagull
handsome Saturn
gorgeous Sipzie
oh! what a miserable Samber. She never keep still for a moment, so taking a still photo of her is proving a hard job for me!! It also reminds me of ... loonie Skye!! Like mother like daughter :))
 Sizzle said: while you guys sitting pretty there have your photo taken, I enjoy my ball game
 this is more like the usual Samber, happy and crazy!
Eventhough Saturn fetch ball but what he likes the best is ...
... TALK to the ducks!!

and Seagull always want to look pretty
have you finish taking photos yet?

Whenever we go out walking, I like to play games with my dogs, it various but the game we play most is to get them to sit/stand WAIT/STAY (good startline training?)
Good wait!
Are you ready ....
Steady ...
G O !
can you see Sipzie's reaction? 

when all the dogs run straight ahead towards me and she cut in to "attack" Sing

Good job Sing is a strong dog and he will tell her off if she is too much in the way; Sizzle would have avoiding her, poor little boy. He is so tiny and Sipzie is a big bully and she can really hurt him. It is very funny that everytime I have a "new" dog, they like to challenge Sing, they never chase the other dogs other than Sing, ALL of them did! I now sometimes have to take Sizzle with Sing & Saturn out separately from Sipzie. Whenever I chuck a ball to Sing or Sizzle or Saturn, Sipzie like to join in the chase, she does not want the ball but she want to pounce on the boys. Sizzle is really scared of her because when she pounce on him, it must have hurt him, she is nearly three times his size and he sometimes yelp! Being a sensible boy, he is avoiding her most of the time.

my happy bunch!!

Onto some puppy news ...

Salute/Silk is gorgeous! She still gaining her weight everyday. Both her eyes and ears are open now, not sure she can see me or hear me just yet. She beginning to walk a lot when she is awake, each time she wobbles around, so cute!


Priscilla said...

It's so good to see all of them again. Gorgeous autumn pictures too! I always enjoy reading your posts as you never fail to give us a good account on what your doggies are doing and they're so interesting and descriptive. You're a good story-teller!!!

By the way, I didn't see Sunny there.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I love your fall photos with the Shelties! I am constantly amazed at how wonderful your group shots turn out!

Puppy is as cute as ever!

Saturn talking to the ducks is one of my favorites!

Diana said...

Wow, I just love all your pictures. They are just wonderful. Diana

Rosie Ison said...

What new camera have you got Lian? It takes great pics :-)

Vonnie said...

Great pics! Such good Shelties, posing comes naturally! Puppy tooo cute!