Sunday, November 21, 2010

weekend, part 2 - Swing 5 weeks old!

Time just flew by when you have a puppy to raise, I cannot believe Swing pup is 5 weeks old already! Where does all the times gone? Swing is a joy. She is such a lovely puppy with character :-) The older she gets, the more she is like her daddy in many ways ... the most obvious thing is she does not like me to pull/touch her tail. Sing would not allow anyone to touch his tail, so that is similarity one! So, guess what I am doing? Pull/touch her tail everyday til she get used to it! 

 Swing loves her Doner Kebab pizza :-)
She is mostly wean off from Skye. She is eating very well on her puppy food, she is a good eater but sensible

We have a little do to celebrate Colin's birthday last evening, we have some guests around the house, little Swing pup has so many auties and uncles to meet, everyone take turn to make a fuss of her and she played with them well. She showed no sign of stress or nervous which is fantastic. This is the first time she get to meet so many people in the house with the busy noises, people walking around, talking, screaming over the X Factor ...
 she loves her dental chew

 5 weeks old already

 play with mama Skye

 bullying her mama

both tired out  Zzzzzzz ...

I managed to take two video of Swing play today, this is her playing tuggy, I like the way she makes this little growling noise:

and this is the one she trying to kill the pink pig:


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Looks like Collin had a nice birthday weekend! And Swing is precious! She's growing up so fast though!

Vicki said...

shes so adorable!

Growing up so fast though!

Vonnie said...

Fantastic! Love how she uses her paws a lot :) 5 weeks already! Great balance on the wobble board, one clever girlie!

Noah said...

Cute videos. Love the last picture, they look so sweet resting.

Diana said...

She looks so sweet. Sounds like a great birthday weekend. Diana