Friday, November 19, 2010

yet another cold frosty morning walk

What a lovely day today, cold but dry! I managed to take the dogs out before going to the dentist. They all have a good crispy, frosty walk!
when we got on the Common, there were still fog, it loves really lovely. You can see the fog in the picture! Samber is quite difficult to take photo with, she never looks this way :-(

the friends of the Common have beginning to chop down some trees, it looks like a good place to take picture too

after we finished taking the group photo, these two still want their photos taken :-)

he is always photogenic

this is the only good one of Samber out of hundred that I have taken :-(
I don't know why she never look at me when call! Maybe she is camera shy!

the dogs enjoy their run ...

 I particularly like these two pictures of Sing telling Samber off.

 this wasn't a set up, they just sit/stand there naturally and it makes a nice photo!

 gorgeous Sipzie

 Sizzle is a little off colour today, he isn't running with the others, doesn't he look serious in the picture?

 they are having fun

After our lovely walk in the Common, I set off to the dentist. Normally I like to be early for my appointment but not at this occasion. Funny enough, whenever I go to the dentist for my little problem, you always wait ages before your name been called but today, before I could sit myself down, the nurse call ... Mrs Knight! I looked around pretend that is not me but tough, it is me!!

My dentist is very nice but I keep telling myself she is not nice today but with all the infections I have in my mouth, I knew it need sorted out. I don't know if the dentist and nurse trying to talk to each other to distract me or what but somehow when the first injection trying to numb me, there is a knock on the door, and there comes the Pudsey Bear. Pudsey wanted a photo taken with the dentist and some donations but that was a good distraction for me!

The first injection and the local anesthetic didn't numb me enough, I was given more ... finally the extraction starts! Well, my tooth has a crack so it took the dentist a good while to take the whole tooth out. This also explain why I keep having the infection. The bacteria has gone through the crack ... hopefully, after this tooth has gone and all the problems stop!
While posting this, my anesthetic just gone and I begin to feel a little bit of discomfort. I cannot say it is painful but it is just feeling awkward! I think I am a little bit grumpy ... I am not allow to lie down but have to keep still and relax. I haven't been talking since I came out from the dentist and I don't see I will talk for a while. 

Since the weather is rather nice, little Swing pup gets to go outside again! She is really excited about it. I let her wander on the patio but she decided she wants to go further onto the lawn! She has a good run around, sniffing everything, checking out all the agility equipments ... she also did her toilet out there, what a clever girl!
 hello Aunty Samber!

 Swing wasn't sure about Vindi at first ...
 ... then she realised she is a dog friendly cat

 mama ... wait for me!

 checking out the pond

 what are you all doing there?

WAIT for me, don't have fun without me!!!


Coco said...

So Beautiful, how do you get them to all pose like that. I would love alittle tri-colour sister.
Love Coco

Coco said...

So beautiful, how do you get them to all post together like that. I would love a little tri-colour sister. Love Coco

Vonnie said...

That's an eary picture with the mist but a good one! great pics there all having fun! The pup is just gorgeous and clever too!

Noah said...

You post some of the most beautiful pictures. They are all adorable

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The photos of Sing telling Samber off are terrific! Ha! But your photos are always wonderful. It is amazing how all those Shelties will pose together for group pictures!

Sorry about your time at the dentist! Mom HATES going to the dentist for even routine checks so she is very sympathetic to your pain!

Diana said...

What wonderful photos. I love them all. I hope the dentist finally fixed your mouth problems and you get some relief. Diana