Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Destroyer!

Mmmm ... Sipzie has turned into a destroyer since Christmas Day. To start with, she has chew her lead and pull her collar off while we travelling from home to my in law in Brighton. When she first join us, she was a good travller, I let her travel loose at the back with the others and she has not causing any problem but just lately, she decided she can jump to the front and then back and then to the front again. It is a big distraction for me when I am driving. I had a tailgate put in a the back but the dog guard that I bought from ebay a couple of years ago didn't fit. It said in the description that is for Volvo V70 but I cannot figure how to fix it. The boys are brilliant travellers, whenever the car moves, they just lie down and keep still until the destination but Samber is a nightmare. If she is loose at the back, she will be everywhere in the car, so I have to put a harness on her, then clip a lead onto the tailgate to restrict her movement. I did the same to Sipzie but I forgot the harness! I just clip one end of the lead to the tailgate and the other end to the collar. By the time we got to our parents on Christmas Day, I was in a shocked! The journey is less than an hour and I cannot believe what damaged she has done! I certainly hasn't expect that to happen!
 I can understand how she chew the lead but I cannot understand how and why she pull her expensive show collar off!!!
the collar is now broken and cannot be repair, so she now has a cheap collar just in case she decided to break another one!

Well, I thought the Christmas Day incident is an one off, NOPE! On Boxing Day, she damaged Saturn's Christmas present. I was playing with the new toys with the dogs for nearly an hour. Phew! They have enough energy to kill me :) Then, I left the toys with them and walked off to make lunch. That is not unusual to leave the toys on the floor as this is where all the toys live. By the time I brought lunch into the lounge, I saw Sipzie happily pulling the hair off this red toy, so I went to stop her. I was shocked yet again to see she has done more damaged that I thought! You can't really tell her off because a toy is meant for playing but I was a little bit upset as this is Saturn's favoruite toy. I can only hope this is a ONE-OFF.

Then, the next day, she destroyed this squirrel toy, a Christmas present from Ellie to Sizzle.

 Then, yesterday, she chew off her own Christmas pressie! A pink piggy sandwich!!

 a selection of chew toys!!!


Vonnie said...

Oh naughty Sipzie! Ellie loves her squirrel and will make sure you never see it LOL! Poor Sizzle, now you have to give him one of your toys.

Priscilla said...

OH no!!!! Naughty girl!!!!
And she is chewing off the boy's favourites. Poor toys :((
She is just having a rather late teething period I think! LOL

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Those darn girl dogs! LOL!