Thursday, December 02, 2010

winter wonderland

WOW! This is just fantastic!! Snow finally came on Tuesday. We ended up with 3.5" of snow! Oh yes! I measured the snow in my garden; then nothing at all on Wednesday but it was bitterly cold yesterday. It was very windy all day, the road turned icy too. I struggled to walk the dogs, for the first time I can't wait to run home. I dressed as many layers as I can but the wind was just too much! This morning, we woke up to more snow. At 6:30am, I measured the snow in our garden, it was about 8". WOW HEAVEN!! I know me and the dogs are going to have some fun today in the snow.  

I took the easy FIVE out today, Sing, Saturn, Samber, Sizzle and Sipzie are happily walking in the snow and I know they will enjoy their snowy fun walk. Seagull is the only one that hates snow/rain/cold. If we insist to take him out, we will ended up carrying him. I don't think I can do that without Colin. Mama Skye loves snow as well, she going ballistic whenever I let her out in the garden. She would not want to come in at all but with Silk still young, I dare not take her out, just in case she picks up something. Best to be safe.

 not to be mistaken as Sizzle, this is our beautiful mama Skye
 Silk still enjoying playing in the snow
 look at her, all covered in snow

 uncle Sizzle: what have you found in the snow?

 she is one very clever girl, at this young age, she knew what is the dog flap for. She asked to go OUT and after she had enough of the snow, she asked to go IN. She is my first pup doing that!

 such a shamed that Seagull dislike the snow but I cannot blame him, he always cover in snow balls!

 Sing has a change of ball, the rubber one instead of tennis ball as each time I throw, it sank straight into the deep snow!! There are so many photos, there is no particular reason why I chose this as I really don't know which one to pick, they are all good memories of the fun we are having!
 Mr Penguin?
 Well, Samber is the hardest to photo, she always turn away when the camera is pointing at her or she looks miserable.
my very handsome Saturn ♥
 Saturn is the only one in my pack likes to catch snow ball

 my very special boy
 my pretty young lady
 always my baby
 how did he gets all covered in snow, I have no idea!!
 more fun!! Samber is behind all these, maybe she needs to learn to run faster?

The shelties are so clever, after so many group photo taking, they have learned to position themselves. I have not set them up at these photos, I just told them to SIT WAIT and they just sorted among themselves. There were a lot of people out and about in the snow and they saw me and the shelties, they started taking their photos too and after that, they came to ask me how on earth I can get them to sit like that in a row? I have no idea!!!

 did you see these people sledging? I want too as well but without Colin, I won't want to leave the dogs and have fun on my own! Can this snow last til the weekend?

 and here is the little video taken this morning:


Sara said...

Gorgeous photos! Hope you get out on your sled before it melts!

Vonnie said...

Great pics! Fun time had by all! Clever Silk :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm so happy for you that you're getting all that snow!! Great photos! Really unbelievable how they all line up automatically for their group shots!

Priscilla said...


Happy mummy with her boys and girls and puppy!