Tuesday, December 21, 2010

sheltie power

We have a very active two days. We have been out in the Common for some long walks, enjoying the snow ...

Yesterday was lovely, sunny and lots of snow on the ground. I took the boys out with me and Colin took the girls. I managed to take some good photos of the boys:
this is my favourite one of Saturn, he is just stunning!

 and one looking this way!
And yes, although Saturn is a hunter, he loves to hunt for rabbits and squirrels but he does play ball too
 two peas in the pot!

 my baby is having a lovely time playing ball without worrying Sipzie comes to get him!

 my old boy always enjoy the ball and snow
 even Seagull went crazy in the snow!
 the sable boys!
then, Colin and the girls met us in the Common, you can see how happy Sipzie is when she sees me, mmm ... I think she loves her mummy more than her daddy!

Today, the weather is miserable, it has been non-stop drizzling since 8am and most of the snow slowly melting away! YUK! I hate the defrost procedure and left me with dirty dogs to clean after walk ...

and here are some low quality photos taken today:
 this picture of Sipzie was taken today, it has been a dull day, looking miserable, cloudy, no snow but drizzling and the snow is slowly melting away, YUK! I love this picture of her, you can see she is a powerful girl. She always charging around in SPEED!


Vonnie said...

Crazy weather! great pics! It's great to see Seagull charging about having fun :) Handosme as ever Saturn, Cute as ever Sizzle :) Gorgeous Samber :)

Sara said...

Saturn is such a stunning dog. Absolutely gorgeous and regal! I just love him.

I hate the snow melt too-always turns my yard Into a giant mud pit.

Anonymous said...

Even your so called low quality photos look pretty amazing to me!


Diana said...

I love all the pictures esp. of the three on the log. Diana

Priscilla said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! And really really happy dogs!! Saturn is soooooooo stunning and the pic of the three sable boys is so pretty! Glad they all had fun in the common!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

You take such great photos always! Saturn is an amazing beautiful dog but still it is Sizzle that has stolen my heart!