Sunday, December 05, 2010

SILK seven weeks ♥♥♥ and we have visitor!

Silk turns SEVEN weeks today! Goodness me! Where all these times gone? She is waking up more frequent and longer but she is such an easy puppy. If  we want to go to bed early, we left her in her pen, she whines a little and then went to sleep soon after. No trouble at all. She probably is the easiest puppy that I have raised so far! She loves to tug on my fleece when I am down on the floor with her and she has learned a couple of new things this week. 

Firstly, she knew where the dog flap is and she is asking to go out in the garden. Yesterday, she was at the back, asking to go out but I thought it was too cold for her, the snow was melting and it has become very icy and cold, so I kept her in. She was half way out of the flap (how clever!), so I have to "pull" her in, she isn't happy at all but she insist to go again, so I have to shut the flap. Guess what happened? She got agitated and she poo by the door! Ahhhhh ... I never thought she would ask to go out to do her toilet at this age! I felt so stupid!

Secondly, she learned to pull the zip off my fleece and Colin's if we have her on our lap! I think I can teach her to take my socks and shoe off next :-)

 Silk: come on! You don't really want me to sit still and pose, do you?

 We cannot believe Seagull wants to make friend with her! We always keep this crate in the kitchen for Seagull, he finds this crate the safest place in the world. Whenever he feels insecure, he will run straight in there. We always leave the crate door open for him. Silk is so fond of this crate too. Whenever she runs into the kitchen, she will hoop into the crate and I sometimes found her asleep in the crate with Seagull. She started doing that when she was about 4 weeks old. It is funny that Seagull accepted her, SO WELL.
 Oh My God! These two are crazy. Vindi really likes Silk and Silk thinks she is a playmate.

 so sweet ...

 we noticed Silk likes small toys, we bought some cat toys from the pound shop for her and she loves her new fishing toy! Colin spent all day playing fishing with her this weekend!

 and yes, it is about time she learned to accept BRUSH as well

 she still loves her musical cot mobile

 another of her favourite soft toy

 Look who is this?
We have Coco and her mummy and daddy visiting us today!

 We are so lucky to have Coco join our group photo

walk in the Common, can you name the shelties?

caption please?


Vonnie said...

Silk is such a character, her owners are getting one great puppy! Clever girl asking to go out! Love all the pics! From memory of the pic lol Sipzie, Seagull, Sizzle, Samber, Saturn, Sing & Coco! Brave people 7 doggies going out in the cold! the Caption pic looks like its in rewind LOL!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

"Pardon me, Mister Sing, but may I see your tennis ball?"

Silk is so smart wanting to go outside to potty already at her age! It is neat that she and Vindi like each other so much and that Sing will share his crate with her!

Diana said...

Silk is such a great puppy. Smart ,calm but energic when needed. I love her and Seagull in the crate. Way to cute. Diana

Sara said...

Coco is such a beautiful sheltie. How fun that you all got to meet!

Silk is getting cuter everyday!

Rosie said...

I love little Silk girl!!
She is so fiesty and so clever and so pretty :D The dogs look so happy in the snow!