Sunday, December 05, 2010

winter wonderland - big wash out!

This weather is really weird! We had rain overnight on Friday and Saturday, so we woke up to a slosh Saturday. Only one word to describe YUK! The dogs still dash into the garden, running like a loonie in the sloshy snow and all came in covered in MUD! You just can't stop them having FUN. I know I have more more work to clean up the kitchen/lounge and the dogs but heyho they loved it.

 This is my garden on Saturday morning. The bit in the middle is always green because of the willow tree but it did cover in snow the day before!
 pond still frozen though! Crazy cat has been walking on ice, by the time I got my camera out, she is gone!

Luckily the Common still have plenty of snow for me to enjoy a bit of sledging! It isn't in the best condition for sledging but I surely have some fun with the dogs!
 I managed to persuade Colin to have a go!
look how happy are the dogs running with their daddy

Sing is so jealous that we forgot to bring his ball, see what he found? A green wig! Must be somebody came back from Christmas Party and dump it in the Common. My shelties will play with anything they found!
 Sizzle: can I play with that as well, Saturn?

 the wig is nearly as big as him!

 some part of the Common still have deep snow!


Priscilla said...

What a handsome boy Saturn is! The new header is awesome!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm glad you got to go sledding before all the snow is gone! You going down the hill with all the Shelties barking and running is crazy!!! :)

Noah said...

Great video! Love that they were encouraging you all the way down!

Vonnie said...

Who is having the most fun LOL! Great to see Seagull running :)