Saturday, December 11, 2010

TIGtastic Saturday

We woke up at 5am this morning to drive up to Snetterton to watch Tig run in her first UKA show. Tig is  a Sing x Samber pup. She is 16 months now (where did all the times gone!), so is allow to compete in UKA Beginners Steeplechase and Nursery. I've realised UKA now has two steeplechase classes, so that gives the puppies another class to run in.

This is my first time seeing Tig run in real. All I can say is I AM VERY PROUD OF TIG AND HER HANDLER SALLY! This pair is just amazing. I cry with tears of joy! The long drive is definitely worth it! I can't wait to see her run again! Does this mean I have to drive up to Norfolk often? Oh! I just loved watching my puppies!

 here is Tig's Steeplechase II run, earlier, she made a baby mistake in both Steeplechase I and Nursery, she knows how to SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! You can see how enthusiastic she is and this clever girl won this class. WooHoo! Daddy Sing and mama Samber were there cheering for her:

We have baby Silk on tow! She is a very good traveller. I recently invest in this double door tailgate. I think I needed it to separate the girls from the boys when they are in season. It becomes very handy to be able to put Silk in there with one of the dogs. She was travelling with Seagull in the morning as Seagull is an easy dog. He loves snuggling up to another dog, so he can keep Silk warm in the car, that's ideal. It took us three hours to get to Snettterton, we were 2/3 of the way and Silk needed to go toilet so she whine a little and I already learned that is her way to tell me she wants to go toilet so I found the nearest services and let her out. What a good girl she is? She has her little wee ... ah Bless! She has been an excellent puppy, she has not mess up in the crate at all, she always asked to go to toilet or she will hold until I come back to let her out. What can you ask for more for a little one like this?

Silk is such a bold puppy, she gets to meet quite a few dogs at the exercise area and she tried to chase a few Border Collies and a Weimeraner! She also saw a couple of shetland ponies and she just stood there and watched them in the field ... 

She also thinks Aunty Sally's empty water bottle is a new toy for her to chase!
 Oh! Aunty Gail's scarf is good for tuggy!
 running in the exercise area with the others
 seeing mama Skye again was a big surprise for her!!!

she truly like the scarf as new toy!

TIRED after a long day out!


Vonnie said...

Aww bless wee Silk, she is so clever and look at her run! Well done to Tig!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congrats to Tig! Boy he is so fast! And look at Silk playing and traveling with the big dogs! She is amazing! How awesome that she is able to have all these experiences so young!

Diana said...

Congrats!! What a lovely run.

I love the picture of all the dogs running toward you from the car. Very cool. Diana

Priscilla said...

Tig is fantastic! Sing and Samber must be so proud of him too. Little Silk pup is so amazing and she's so brave and clever! A little smartie !!!