Saturday, December 18, 2010

we are snow-in!

The snow seems to stop after the half an hour blizzard from yesterday afternoon and left half an inch lying on the ground. I was very disappointed that we didn't get anymore. Colin and I went out to Streatham for a little wonder for couple of hours as we always wanted to do that but never have time. Its always dog shows get in the way ... we discovered some very nice shops; then later in the evening, we walked into Mitcham town centre to our local pub for the Christmas Carols singing. I needed a Christmas spirit!

Again, we have another lie-in this morning. Bliss! I did have a little struggled to go back to bed as Saturn and Sizzle were not very happy about that, not because they wanted me to wake up but they are fighting for the best place on the bed with me! Hahaha ... I am quite popular amongst the boys!

We have planned to go to Pets at Home to stock up a 15kg Chappie as we are very low in dog food. Normally, I get to Pets at Home on my own but lately I am struggle with my bad back, a 15kg  sack of dog food proofs to be too much for me to carry on my own, so I thought I could wait for Colin to give me a hand. 

We didn't realised the snow is coming down so fast this morning. I cannot get my Volvo to start up (!!!) This is the best car to drive when it snows, so we have to take the Convertible which skid in the snow but we have to go and get the food or else the poor shelties will starve! We drove through the blizzard and got stuck in the traffic but we managed to get home safely. Phew!

By the time we get the dogs out, the snow has stopped and we have approximately 3 inches of snow at least. Sing as usual is very happy, he really like the snow just like his mummy ... ME!
Sing is so happy and he is barking at the snow
loves his ball
 always leading the way
 even Sizzle is happy
I managed to get Sipzie to learn to share a ball, WooHoo! It looks like we are doing better each day!
 my very handsome boy Saturn
 crazy Sipzie
 and beautiful too
what did he see?
... his best friend again!
 another handsome boy!
 unfortunately Seagull has to stay at home as we are unable to carry him!
 Miss Samber


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad you got more snow since you love it so much!

Vonnie said...

Phew dog food and safe back home! Stay safe and warm!

Diana said...

wow, you guys have gotten lots of snow.
The blog header photot is very cute, your husband is a good sport. LOL

Great dog-snow shots!! Diana

L1nG L1nG said...

Gorgeous pics!!! I miss all of you =)

Christine said...

What great photos, enjoy the snow and Merry Christmas