Friday, December 03, 2010

winter wonderland - its boys day out

Unfortunately, more snowy photos from The KNIGHTs Shelties! I took the boys out in the morning then the girls in the afternoon. Sipzie is giving Sizzle a very hard time. He is very miserable with her on the walk. I normally play ball with them, and the boys are very good in minding their own balls. This is why Sing has his own favourite tennis ball (he does not want any other!); Sizzle has his own rope ball (if I forgot his rope ball, he is happy to have any other ball); Saturn is easy, he shares Sizzle's rope ball. Sipzie? Well, she likes the orbee but if she sees me throwing tennis ball to Sing or rope ball to Sizzle, she will chase the boys NOT THE BALLS! Sing being the boss, he will tell her off if she is too much or she is ON TOP of him; Sizzle just freak out! Sipzie is at least double his size and very boisterous, she will pounce and jump on top of him, being a sensible boy, he decided not to play. I hate to see him unhappy. I know how much he enjoys his ball game, so I decided to walk the girls separately from the boys every now and then. When Sipzie and Samber go out together, Sipzie will happily play with her orbee but not when she is with the boys! It has become quite stressful a walk now!

Oh, I managed to get Seagull out today. He was so happy to be out again and he forgot all about the snow but on the way home, I have to carry him as he IS NOT walking on the pavement at all. First, I gently drag him but he refused to move, so I have to pick him up. Luckily we are only 400 yards from the Common! Grrr ...

 crazy Seagull
  elegant Saturn
When Sing was a puppy, he loves this red rubber ball that I bought from Pets at Home. It has become his favourite. We took this ball to agility training many years ago; then the other dog owners saw it and they all love it, suddenly the whole class has the same ball. You know, some dog owner thinks their dog is so well-behaved that they don't put their dog on the lead after their run? So, after Sing's run, I chuck the ball to reward him; and you guess it! Yes, the other dog ran after Sing's ball and they nearly have a fight over the ball. I hate it when this thing happened. Since then, I hide this rubber ball and made him forget all about it. I only take it out when snow because it is easier than a tennis ball. A tennis ball is too heavy and it will sink into the snow and hard to find but this rubber ball is lightweight and you can get the snow off the ball and it is all clean again!
 some part of the snow is nearly as tall as Sizzle!

 such a happy boy without Sipzie!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Looks like the boys had a great time without the girls! That red ball is perfect for playing in the snow!

Noah said...

Beautiful pictures as always. Looks like they had a great time

Briggsi said...

Lovely photographs Lian

Vonnie said...

Woohoo Seagull! Khandi and Seagull are so alike! Sizzle looks as if he's enjoying himself! Sing & Saturn look it too! great pics :)

Those Elgin Pugs said...

You doggies are beuTeefulls!

Mommy said when hers was little girl 'dat she had two Shelties Sunny and Star... 'den Grandma got four Collies... Winston, Maverick, Lobo and Sailor.. Yous remind her of 'dems..

Hers smiles at yous!!

IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man